Learning Thai online at your own pace with Genesis Thai self-
learning course

What is Thai Genesis ?

Thai Genesis is a self-learning online Thai language course that is designed for students who have never learned Thai language but would like to practice basic conversations, reading and writing Thai at their own pace of learning. The students will not only master Thai language but also experience daily-life conversations, useful expressions and Thai cultural points.

Thai Genesis offers a complete novice in Thai language to learn Thai
online through the following methodologies:

Total Physical Response (TPR)

The way to progress in self-learning Thai language is to listen and mimic. TPR is a method of teaching language or vocabulary concepts that uses body movements to respond to verbal inputs. This process mimics how young children learn their native language, ... reducing student inhibitions and stress. TPR involves brain connections between speech and action to facilitate language and vocabulary learning.

The Thai International Phonetic Alphabet (Thai IPA)

The difficulty of learning Thai online from written English words (called Karaoke) is that the various transliterations do not convey the correct tone. Thai IPA provides the best set of Latin scripts and symbols to represent standard Thai pronunciations. ... IPA consists of a phonemic part and a tone indicator. The phonemic part represents the consonant and vowel sounds, and the tone indicator represents the correct pronunciation of the syllable by using tone markers which are low, mid, high, falling, or rising. Learning Thai online through Thai IPA system allows the students to pronounce words correctly by themselves even without the instructions of the teacher.

Animation and Graphics

Cartoons or animations can well illustrate how to write Thai scripts, visualize the dialogues into animated imageries, and are an incredibly useful resource for supporting your learning Thai online.

Role-play Conversation

In the videos, there are various short role-play conversations. By introducing the students to learn Thai online through the real-life context of stories for their learning, we can create a connection between the learning content and the students, and also make learning experiences more impactful and memorable.

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This Thai language course online is uniquely designed for people who do not have time to join regularly in the group class, want to comfortably learn and review at their own pace and privacy, and are interested in getting basic conversations or writing before escalating to an in-depth study, plan to visit or live in Thailand so want to speak basic conversations with locals, or are fascinated by Thai language and culture.

The course teaches you basic concepts in theoretical linguistics by grounding the students up from the beginning with easy explanations, graphic and animated visuals, and role plays. You do not need to have any prior knowledge of linguistics to take this Genesis Thai Online Course. Enjoy learning Thai online in a fun and effective way. The course is delicately made for you.

This Thai course online includes: