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Learning Mandarin provides a wide variety of benefits, giving you access to the second most widely spoken language in the world. With one of our Chinese language courses you will be able to communicate with native Mandarin speakers, gaining valuable cultural insights and better business and job opportunities all over the world – not to mention the amazing social benefits. 

ALA Language School offers an ED Visa for Chinese language course. The duration of the visa is as follows:


NOTE: you will be required to leave Thailand after completing the initial 9 months of Beginner and Intermediate levels. Following that you can come back to continue the remaining 4.5 month’ advanced course.

Only non-native Chinese speakers are eligible to apply for the Chinese language course with ED Visa program.

Applicant Qualification Requirements:

    • Applicant Qualifications for Chinese Language Course:
  • Any nationality.
  • Aged 15 to 50 years old.
  • Non-native Chinese speakers (No Chinese Nationals allowed).
  • Having never previously held an ED Visa on a Chinese language course. (MOE and Immigration Bureau do not allow students keep obtaining multiple ED Visas against the same language course).
  • If you previously held the ED Visa on an International English program in university provided that you held an ED Visa with the university for less than 3 months— you will be eligible to enroll for a 3.5 to 13.5-month Chinese Language course as part of the ED Visa Bangkok program with ALA (otherwise, you must leave Thailand and come back with a Tourist Visa in order to proceed the ED Visa application on a language course).
  • If you have previously held any other kind of visa in Thailand, you must leave the country and come back with a Tourist Visa in order to proceed with the ED Visa application on a language course.
  • A criminal record certificate / background check is required by certain nationalities . You will need to collect a letter from ALA before applying for the certificate at Royal Thai Police Headquarters
  • If you have criminal record in your language, it must be translated into Thai and notarized by the translation center prior to your application.

If you require further information regarding the Chinese language courses available, or if you’d like to know how much
an Education Visa in Thailand costs, please contact us today

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