Student Visa for Foreigner in Thailand


Thai Language Courses

ALA Language School is a registered educational institution licensed by the Ministry of Education, Thailand and can help you apply for an ED Visa for Thai language courses ranging from 3-14 months in the Kingdom of Thailand.
ALA_ENG_ED Visa Procedures

English Language Courses

In addition to Thai , ALA also offers you our English language courses with ED Visa, enabling you to study and stay in Thailand for 3 – 12 months.

Thai Language Courses with ED Visa

The Thailand Ministry of Education has made adequate provisions for the ED Visa to be available to encourage student travellers interested in coming to Thailand for Education.

The ED Visa is made available to all nationalities aged 18 years or above. This covers both old and new holders of ED Visas, non-holders of work permits and other visa types as long as you have no criminal record and do not repeat the same course.

ALA Language School offers various language courses with an ED Visa to allow you to study beyond the basics of the Thai and English Languages.

English Language Courses with ED Visa

Many foreign students come to Thailand to learn English. Our English course is registered with the Thai Ministry of Education, allowing us to help any foreign students who are not English native speakers to get an ED Visa allowing entry into Thailand. Learn all the necessary skills of spoken and written English comprehension in our enjoyable and engaging courses.