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At ALA Language School in Bangkok, we have two different types of English Language course available: The Essential Program and the ED Visa Program

Essential Program:

This is a short Language course without an Education Visa (starting package 40+ hours). This program is ideal for students who wish to improve their English language skills for social purposes or new work opportunities in Thailand and abroad, without any need for a different visa type.  

This program can be either a group class or an exclusive 1-1 class.

  • Group class: There are typically 3 to 8 students per class. This environment provides a great opportunity to make new connections and meet more international friends.
  • Exclusive 1-1 Class: You can learn the English language as per our existing course syllabus at your own pace, or additionally, we can customize lessons to suit your specific needs and interests.


ED Visa Program:

This is a long-term English Language course coupled with an Education Visa (3.5 Months to 11.5 Months.) Please note: if you would like to apply for an ED visa, you will need to be a non-English native speaker.

 You can learn more about the ED Visa here


Whether you are completely new to the English language, or you are relatively fluent and wish to master your reading, writing, and speaking abilities, at ALA, we have a wide variety of courses for you to choose from. 

English is widely considered as being an international language that when mastered, can open up many doors to you both academically and professionally. Whether you want to be able to develop your social skills or gain a competitive edge in your future career, our English language courses in Bangkok are ideal. 

If you aren’t quite sure which course is right for your comprehension levels, please do not hesitate to contact us today  and we will gladly advise you. 

Level 1 &2 - Beginner

Identify and understand the usage of basic phrases and expressions. You will be able to communicate the basics when English people speak with you slowly. This is ideal for those who have very little to no experience with English and want to start getting a feel for it.

Study Hours: 60 Hours / Level
Duration: 3.5 Months / Level
Total Lessons: 97 Short Chapters / Level
Session: 2 Hours / Day

Level 3 – Intermediate

In this course you will be able to better communicate in different situations, using simple language to communicate your feelings, opinions, plans, and experiences. This is a step up from regular small talk, moving into more complex English exchanges.

Study Hours: 60 Hours / Level
Duration: 3. 5Months / Level
Total Lessons: 76 Short Chatpers / Level
Session: 2 Hours / Day

Level 4 – Advanced

This course will enable you to communicate with native English speakers easily and with great confidence. You will be able to comfortably understand and express 50+ complex ideas and topics. 

Study Hours: 72 Hours / Level
Duration: 4.5Months / Level
Total Lessons: 69 Short Chatpers / Level
Session: 2 Hours / Day

Our classes are group class for 2 hours/session and 3 days/week, and there is 20-30 chapters for each level. Classes are available on Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday

Curriculum – English language
Beginner : 60 Hours
Elementary : 60 Hours
Pre-Intermediate : 60 Hours
Intermediate : 50 Hours
Upper Intermediate : 50 Hours
Advanced : 50 Hours
Proficient : 50 Hours

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