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Frequently asked question about or courses

Since there are 3 levels for Thai Language Courses with ED Visa, the period for each level will be 3.5 Months, 4.5 Months and 6 months respectively in case that you want to study each level individually. However if you are interested for long course, 14-Month Thai Language Course will fit you the most. Please contact our staff for more information.

If you do not need an ED Visa, you can take an hourly programme which will be 2 – 4 weeks per level.

If you never had any Thai language background, it is recommended to start with ‘Icebreaker’ in regards to fundamental Thai language. If you have some language experience, you can discuss with our ALA staff for FREE 1- Hour trial classes to check which course(s) suit you the most.

If you continue studying every courses as per our Thai language programme in order and practice disciplinarily, you will be able to communicate with local Thai people within 6 months.

It all depends on your focus. If you need to learn Thai language for communication with local Thai, you can start with Speaking courses which will walk you through from basic spoken Thai language to all shortcut ways to survive living in Thailand. If you need to master Thai language for indulging into a deep level of writing and reading for better understanding in Thai culture, it is still recommended to start with speaking for 2-3 courses so that you can pick up the vocabularies, how to pronounce in a correct tone and how to form a sentence. Once you start writing, you can then utilize the knowledge derived from speaking course and progress in writing faster.

The course requires minimum 4 days per week according to the programme. If you are not convenient on any days, you can either access the online class to attend our live teaching courses or choose from the make-up class from our flexible offline schedule at our school premises.


The offline and online schedules will be announced regularly on our Facebook and Line Official Account. The access for online class via Zoom Application will be detailed in the online schedules. However, you need to register the online class with our administrator in advance as the teachers will not allow the access from the strangers for safety issue.


Yes we do teach Thai language with Chinese speaking teacher and Chinese textbooks.


Our group class will be around 7-10 students per class only.

Yes, there are classes from 9 AM – 9 PM. Each class will be 2 hours/Class. You can enroll in the evening based on our monthly schedule.

Yes, we provide the certificate of the latest level of your achievement.

We offer 1-Year Thai language course with unlimited study hours in case that you want to learn or review in any classes. You can access to both offline and online classes available as per our monthly schedules.

We also offer 12-Month English language course which can provide ED Visa.

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