Tourist Attraction List In Bangkok

Many people who become curious about the beautiful land of Thailand also ask themselves: why is Bangkok a popular tourist destination? And it is a question with many answers, but what it comes down to most of all is that there are few more exciting, enticing, and action-packed places on Earth. The heady mix of sights, sounds, and aromas in Bangkok are unlike those found anywhere else, and it is truly a jewel in the crown of Asia. From sublime, spiritual temples and glorious architecture to chaotic traffic and incredible street food, Bangkok tourist attractions are numerous and wildly varied.

Bangkok tourist attractions

There are so many fascinating Bangkok tourist places, it pays to think about the ones you would like to see most before even setting off, especially if time will be a factor. Most visitors will not want to miss the stunning, ornate temples of the emerald and the reclining Buddhas. If local markets are of interest, then you are heading to the right place and there is nothing quite like a river tour including a visit to a traditional floating market.
Another must-see is the incomparable Khao San Road, a mecca for tourists of all ages and nationalities who flock to this chaotic, enthralling area. Some come to sample the finest, most extreme street food anywhere, and others pick up some cheap ‘designer’ clothing or sit outside one of the many bars and restaurants and soak up all the atmosphere.

Can I learn Thai by myself?

While it would be exceptionally difficult to learn Thai totally alone, there is help close at hand. ALA Language School has all the experience and knowledge you need to guide you through the process, whether you choose to study at our conveniently located school in Bangkok or remotely via our online courses.

The Thais are naturally friendly, welcoming people, and they will be thrilled to hear you trying to speak their language, even just a little. It can be one of the best possible ice-breakers and is sure to bring out smiles and playful laughter from everyone you meet. We strongly recommend considering one of our comprehensive Thai language courses to give you the confidence and capability to communicate with your gracious hosts and truly enhance what will surely be the experience of a lifetime.

We have included a handy table below with some useful Thai phrases you might like to try out for yourself. Specifically, ones that reference Bangkok tourist places and attractions to give you the very best chance of seeing as many of them as you can during your time in this intriguing, vibrant place full of unique experiences.

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If you would like to learn more about Thai Genesis, our superb self-learning course, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team today. They can give you all the details you need to start your exciting journey of discovery and there is no finer way to enhance your experience of visiting Bangkok tourist attractions than by learning some of the language before you arrive.

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