How to get driving license in Thailand for foreigners

If you hold an ED visa in Thailand or plan to study in Thailand for an extended period of time, a motorbike or car driving license is extremely useful. It gives you the freedom to go where you want, when you want, and legally as well! 

Please see below for a list of the most common FAQs for foreigners who want to get a driving license in Thailand.

Q: Can I get a driver's license on a tourist visa?

A: The answer to this question is, yes. Although tourists have in the past obtained a Thai driver’s license, the prevailing perception is that your chances of obtaining a driving license are significantly higher if you have a non-immigrant visa.

Q: Can I get a Thai Driving License with an ED Visa?

A: Yes, you certainly can. If you are studying at an accredited language center, licensed by the ministry of education, and have an ED Visa the process is just the same as other foreigners on Non-Immigrant visas. Actually What kind of visa is not very important to process, any kind of visa is fine. you just have to have a passport with a valid visa.

Q: What are the lists of required documents for a driving license in Thailand?

A: You have to prepare the document as follows
  1. Passport with Visa (original and photocopy)
  2. Original present residence address in Thailand and certification from embassy / immigration bureau ( valid for 1 year) or work permit (with present residency identified) and original photocopy
  3. Original medical certificate ( 5 diseases form) from clinic or hospital (Valid for 1 month)
  4. Original and photocopy of valid international driving license (1949 convention) or local driving license (translate into English or Thai language and certify by embassy if it is not in the English language) 

Q: How to apply for a motorbike license in Thailand?

A: Applying for a motorbike or car license in Thailand is a relatively easy, if not a time-consuming process, providing you have the necessary documentation. After submitting an application and document, you will wait in the queue for the procedure and tests as follows.

  1. Take a training 1 hour (Road Safety video)
  2. Take a physical test (Color Blindness test, Reflex test, Depth Perception test)
  3. Take a training 5 hours
  4. Take a theory test (30-minute multiple-choice, requires a 75% pass rate)
  5. Take a practical test ( you can use your own bike or car, and rent one there for 50 – 100 baht. If you fail, you might be able to try it again a few times on that day base on an examiner’s decision, and if the Queue is an on that day a lot, you might get an appointment to do a practice test again on another day.)

You will generally need to pass a practical and theory test before receiving your license but once you have it, what could be better than cruising the streets after a day learning Thai in class!

Q: How to apply for a car license in Thailand?

A: The process for attaining a car driving license is the same as applying for a motorbike license. The theory test will probably be easier after you learn the Thai language as you will have no need to brush up on your translation skills before the test.

Q: Can I download and print out real test questions?

A: You can but it’s not recommended as they may not be the same questions. The software used to generate the test questions undergoes updates every now and again so if you did manage to download real test questions they could have only been used at certain test centers at certain times. The questions aren’t generally very challenging and with a modicum of common sense, you should be able to hit the pass mark comfortably.

Q: Can I renew a Thai Driving License online?

A: The mandatory training course for a Thai driver’s license is now available online. The e-learning course is accessible on the website www.dlt-elearning.com, which works with PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

To move on to the physical competency test, get in touch with your local Department of Land Transportation with your result. The period of time starting on the day you pass the test until the driver’s license is issued is 90 days.

The e-Learning lesson is only applicable if the license expires in less than a year or for an early renewal that lasts less than 90 days, so please take note of that.

Alternatively, you can go to local Land Transport Office where you obtained your original license. Normally when you get your first driving license. It’s originally for two years, lasts for two years after that you can renew it, and then renewed license will be for five years. Renew Fee 505 bath at the time of writing.

To renew a driving license, the list of required documents is as follows

  1. Original 2 years Thai Driving license
  2. Passport with non-immigrant visa (original and photocopy)
  3. Original present resident address in Thailand Certify from embassy/immigration bureau ( valid for 1 year) or work permit (with present residency identified) and original photocopy
  4. Original medical certificate ( 5 diseases form) from clinic or hospital (Valid for 1 month)

Q: If I have my own country’s car driving license, Do I need to take a test?

A: if you are doing just the exchange, it’s just basic tests for eyesight reaction. But if you don’t have a motorcycle driving license and need to add it, then you’ll have to do the basic test on the computer and possibly the driving test. Everything takes one day about six hours roughly on both car license and motorbike license.

Q: If I already have an international driving license, Do I need to test again?

  Yes, the officer will require you to take a few tests for color blindness, peripheral vision, reflexes, and depth perception even if you already possess an international driving license. You do not need to take the theory and practical driving test in order to receive a Thai driving license. And then they will give you a two-year temporary driving license, which can be extended to five years after that.

Q: How much does it cost to obtain a motorcycle and automobile license?

A: At the time of writing, the cost to apply for a car license is 305 THB, and the cost to apply for a motorcycle license is 105 THB.


We advise visiting the Department of Land Transport before 8:00 am to submit your application, provide supporting documentation, and obtain your queue if you are applying for a new license. On that day, most tasks will be completed. The next day, you must return for the driving test, hopefully. 

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