Can you change your tourist visa to student visa?

Changing a Tourist Visa to an ED Visa in Thailand

The trip is over, and the tourist days are done, but you aren’t ready to leave Thailand. We understand. The question now is, how can you stay longer? Enter the Thai education visa. This visa allows you to stay in Thailand for up to a year to learn the language and further study the culture. Can you change your tourist visa to a student visa? Absolutely. While you must pay for the visa and complete some paperwork, the process is relatively straightforward.

Can I Change My Tourist Visa in Thailand?

If you have a non-ED visa in Thailand, like a tourist visa, you can easily change this to an ED visa. At ALA, we will sign you up for one of our Thai education visa courses, where you will learn Thai at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. The course is a total of 14 months. You must leave the country at eight months and return for our final six-month program. Learning Thai is a great way to stay in Thailand while learning to truly appreciate the surrounding culture.

What Do I Need to Extend My Tourist Visa in Thailand?

To extend your tourist visa, you’ll need a current passport and a few pieces of paperwork. Here is what to expect when you change your tourist visa to an ED visa in Thailand:

  • Ensure you have a 60-day tourist visa, as the processing takes time. When applying for your education visa, you’ll need to submit the paperwork within the first 30 days of your tourist visa entry. 
  • Prepare copies of your passport and passport photos, and make sure you have at least six months of validity on your passport. 
  • Get your ALA letter confirming your courses at our school.
  • Apply for the TM 86, which allows you to convert your visa. There is a 2,000 baht fee for this change. 
  • Enjoy your new ED visa and extended stay in Thailand.

Our informative Thai education visa courses will help you engage with the locals and feel at home in no time. ALA Language School will help you through the visa process and education courses.

How Long Can I Stay in Thailand On An Education Visa?

The education visa in Thailand lasts for up to one year, with extensions every 90 days. If you have completed your Thai language course and you still want to continue learning and living in the country, we also offer English and Chinese language courses. These will require new paperwork for a new visa, but they allow you to continue your time in Thailand.

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