Thailand’s TM47; 90 days report online

Planning an extended stay in Thailand? TM47 notification is a crucial aspect of your 90-day reporting obligations ensuring your seamless experience to enjoy your long-term stay or adventure in this exotic paradise. Let’s simplify the essential guide to stress-free 90-day reports during your stay in the Kingdom. 

What exactly is the TM47 (90-day report)?

TM47, also known as the 90-day report, is a mandatory requirement for foreigners with any type of visa—education visa, employment visa, marriage visa, dependent visa, elite visa, and others—need to give this report to Thai immigration every 90 days to ensure that the immigration authorities have updated information about your current address and status during your long-stay in Thailand.

What to know about the TM47?

The report can be submitted in person at immigration offices, through mail, or online, depending on the specific policies of your local immigration office. Non-compliance with the TM47 requirement may result in penalties or other consequences affecting your legal status in Thailand.

Below are the FAQs on the TM47

When should the TM47 (90-day report) form be submitted? 

TM47 report will be given to the foreigner by Immigration on the first extension of the long-term visa. It is advised to renew the report 10-15 days before the expiry or not later than 7 days of the period that the current TM47 (90-day report) expires. 

Is there a penalty if a TM47 is not submitted?

If a foreigner forgets to submit the TM47 on time, there is a 2000-5000 THB fine followed by a daily fine of 200 THB until the issue is resolved. 

What documentation will be required when submitting a TM47?

Reporting in person you will need original documents to be submitted at the immigration office, and the documents are as follows;

  • Original Passport
  • Copy of passport information, visa, latest visa extension, and entry stamp page.
  • The Previous 90-day notification paper
  • The completion of the registered TM30 screenshot picture, print it out as a copy.
  • A completed TM47 form 

Submitting online is as follows;

  • The Previous 90-day notification paper 
  • A completed TM47 form 
  • The completion of the registered TM30 screenshot picture.
  • Copy of passport information, visa, latest visa extension, and entry stamp page.

In what ways can a TM47 (90-day report) form be submitted? 

Your first 90-day report must be submitted in person at your local immigration office using original documents or registering it online on the website.

How can the TM47 (90-day report) form be submitted?

The first report must be submitted in person at the immigration office so as to verify your identity and provide an opportunity for any necessary documentation checks. This initial in-person interaction helps ensure the accuracy of your information and sets the foundation for subsequent online submissions, offering a more secure and reliable process for consecutive 90-day reports in Thailand.

Though it is allowed to submit documents through mail, it is not recommended because submitting TM47 via mail is discouraged due to reliability issues, potential document loss, limited tracking, and evolving immigration policies. Opt for more secure methods like in-person or online submissions for a smoother process.

How to submit TM47 (90-day report) online?

Online submissions are applicable only for subsequent 90-day reports; the initial report must be completed in person. Ensure online filing is done 15 days before the expiration of the previous report. Visit the website to register your TM47: https://tm47.immigration.go.th/tm47/#/login

Access the Login page by entering your registered Email Address and password, then click the Login button to proceed. If you haven’t registered yet, select “Apply.” In case of a forgotten password, click on “Forgot Password” for assistance.

Is the TM47 required with an elite visa?

Despite the extended stay privilege of up to five years, it’s crucial to note that submitting the TM47 or 90-day report remains a necessary obligation.

Is it necessary to complete the TM47 if I hold an education visa?

It’s advisable to check with ALA Language School’s administration to understand the specific procedures for the TM47 reporting and our team can provide guidance on the necessary documentation, offer assistance with the submission, or direct you to the relevant immigration office.

If you are planning a period of study in Thailand and would like to find out more about our courses and associated long-stay visa options, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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