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Learn Thai or English at ALA’s  language school in Bangkok

ALA was founded by a group of highly experienced and passionate teachers. We have simplified the core principles of the languages for you to study in a fun and fast way so you can become fluent in both spoken and written languages in a short period of time. With practical learning techniques, custom-created curriculums, textbooks and course materials, ALA is the perfect place for all from any background and comprehension levels to learn and become confident in mastering the languages.

Our Programs are available for students who want language instruction with a focused approach on the four core language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Classes also provide many conversational activities aimed at strengthening pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

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Education Visa

ALA is a licensed language school with the Thai Ministry of Education. We can help our students obtain ED visas ranging from 3-14 months for Thai language courses, and 3-12 months for English language courses depending on your needs and payment flexibility. No more visa run headaches.

Customized Curriculum

ALA have written and printed our own textbooks which feature our student-centered curriculum and focused effective lessons. With the most up-to-date standards for spoken Thai language, your conversation becomes more practical and natural. ALA teaches language phonetics to aid and improve your pronunciation and creatively simplifies writing and reading with mnemonic techniques.

Flexible scheduling

ALA understands your regular busy schedule, travelling plans to visit family and your social life balance, so we have created a monthly dynamic study timetable based on topic-focused lessons as small goals for you to achieve individually. We rerun the same sessions regularly at different times. If you miss any topics, you can still participate in the next chapters without worrying about missed lessons so you can rejoin the class at any time during our monthly schedules.

Chinese Language

ALA revolutionizes the Thai language learning experience by rendering the teaching service with Chinese speaking explanations. All textbooks will be in Thai – Chinese to simplify your Thai language acquisition. The demand for Chinese speaking professionals is rising exponentially. Employers are seeking those who can communicate fluently with Chinese business partners in new and expanding overseas markets, ALA also offers Chinese language courses to interested students who are keen to learn Chinese.

Experienced Teachers

All of ALA’s teachers are experienced native speakers possessing solid teaching skills and a friendly demeanor in order to ensure a fun and pleasant learning experience for all students. As a bonus, the teachers are fluent speakers of more than two languages which delivers more flexible teaching and easier explanations. Even more essential is their accessibility through online platforms.

Convenient Location

ALA is located in the heart of Bangkok’s central business district on Sukhumvit 13 – a highly convenient location within walking distance to public transportation (BTS Nana – 400 M., BTS Asoke – 500 M., MRT Sukhumvit – 600 m.). Our strategic location is also close to the famous Terminal 21 shopping mall, hotels, business towers, restaurants, cafés, convenience stores, fitness centres, flea markets and residential apartments. Very convenient to live and learn within an urban lifestyle.

Competitive pricing

Language schools are always looking for ways to keep their prices low, and there's no exception with ALA. We've got you covered whether your budget is tight or not! We know how important maintaining competitiveness in this local market can be - which is why our teaching quality remains top priority as well; all while staying within reach of even those who might need it most: language learners like yourselves. So come on down today & learn something new while also making some friends along the way.

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