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Gain fluency in Thai, English or Chinese with ALA – speaking, reading, and writing courses

available with or without ED Visa (Education Visa) programs. 


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With friendly instructors, student-centred curriculums and well-equipped classrooms in a great location, ALA Language School is the perfect language center to hone your language skills. Our Thai and English language schools are designed to make learning easy and fun for students of all abilities and educational backgrounds. Whether you are a complete beginner or ready to study at an advanced level, we are certain to have a language course that is perfect for you.

ALA offers customized Thai language schools available for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners in a truly international learning environment. Our language center demonstrates the mix of nationalities studying a language course. While exploring Thailand, you will not only learn Thai in Bangkok but also expand your social circles. This program is designed for International adults aged 15 and over, who want to learn or improve their Thai language. A great intensive Thai language course Bangkok with an extra focus on speaking to boost your conversation skills. Alternatively, you can learn in-depth with writing and reading Thai scripts so as to master Thai language proficiently like native speakers. Our teachers are dedicated entirely to you and your goals. Both onsite and online classes are available and loop twice a month. Contact our friendly multilingual team who are always happy to help you learn Thai in Thailand.

We also offer a range of English language courses, including beginner, elementary, intermediate, and advanced curriculums. Courses are conducted at the same location as our Thai language center in Bangkok and are taught by fully-qualified and experienced instructors. Everyone is welcome to enroll in our language center.

In addition to Thai and English, we offer comprehensive Chinese language courses here at ALA. If you would like to gain access to a widely used language like Mandarin, including cultural insights and the potential for greater job opportunities, we have beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes for you to choose from. 


Education Visa

The ED Visa is available to students of Thai, English, and Chinese Courses.. Get your visa now!

Customized Curriculums

Learn languages with native language teachers through our tailor-made textbooks and courses.

Flexible Schedule

We offer both onsite and online platforms for our monthly flexible schedules, for your convenience. Check your schedule!


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What we offer


Full ED Visa Support

As a fully licensed language school in Thailand, we can provide you with all the paperwork you need to apply for an ED visa. As long as you are eligible for this visa, our administrative staff will help you apply and ensure that you have everything you require.


Onsite Learning

Direct interaction with teachers and classmates in a fun and friendly classroom environment will motivate you through your learning experience and widen your circle of friends.


Online Learning

Nothing can limit your learning with ALA; gain easy access to our online classes from anywhere in the world with live teaching sessions.


ALA Language School was founded by a group of highly experienced and passionate teachers with the desire to provide students with a more effective way of learning.  

We have simplified the core principles of the languages we teach; this enables you to learn in a fun and efficient way so you can become fluent in both spoken and written languages as quickly as possible.

With practical learning techniques and custom-created curriculums, textbooks and course materials, ALA language center is the perfect place for people of any background and comprehension level to learn and become confident in mastering their chosen language.

From Thai, Chinese, and English, our programs are available for students who want language instruction with a focused approach on the four core language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Classes also provide many conversational activities aimed at strengthening pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.



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